One of the best places to tour is Chicago especially if you are in need of a new experience. Whether you want to take out your children or newlywed spouse, this part of the US rarely disappoints. In our Chicago travel guide, we have outlined some of top attractions you will find here.

Alder Planetarium

Alder planetarium boasts of world researchers from all over the globe. The museum organizes virtual reality trips throughout the year to make your holiday fulfilling. While there, you will see Gemini 12 capsule as well as learn something about the space race. The place is open on weekdays and holidays allowing you to have a good time with your friends and family.

Brookfield zoo

Brookfield zoo is another amazing destination to tour. Set on a piece of 216 acres land, this zoo is a home of more than 6000 different animals including 3000 invertebrates and close to 436 various species. Some of the animals you will find at the zoo include bison, ravens, bald eagles and Mexican gray wolves among others.

Chicago History museum

There is a lot that you can learn about American history at this museum. The museum has thousands of photographs taken over years. In addition, it has a library where your kids can spend time to learn one or two things about the past. The temporary and permanent exhibits found at this place make it worth consideration any time you are planning for a holiday.

Grant Park

With an area of over 319 acres of land, Grant Park is among the most popular and most visited places in Chicago. The destination is a home for the museum campus, Buckingham Fountain and The art millennium Park among other attractions.

360 Chicago

Your tour to Chicago will not be complete even you fail to tour this place. From the 1000 feet on the 9th floor, you can view more than 55 miles out. Recently, there was an addition of a tilt to make the place more attractive to thousands of people who keep going there for holidays with their families.

In conclusion, Chicago is among the best destinations where you can spend your holiday. The part of the world has so many things that will impress you. The hotels, shopping malls, museums, clubs and other attraction will make to fall in love with this place even more. There is no need to waste time and money going to other places of the world when Chicago is the best.